School Partnership Program

What Is The School Partnership Program?

-The program is designed to assist students from kindergarten through 12th grade attending parochial, private, and public schools.

-Provider of school-specific services based on the philosophy that the school, family, and community are partners in educating our children, strengthening families, and building stronger, safer communities.

Services offered by the School Partnership Program are:

  1. Embedded school-based counseling services – schools request the services of a counselor for one or more days a week.
  2. Outreach school-based counseling services – schools request the services of a counselor on an as-needed basis.
  3. Crisis response services – schools request crisis intervention/grief-related counseling services in response to a trauma affecting the school community.
  4. Consultative services – schools request a counselor to consult with staff regarding students or general school-related issues. This may be in the form of a care team, other wrap-around services, or on an as-needed basis.
  5. Prevention services – schools request educational programs for students, faculty, and/or parents on a variety of topics. These include:

Relationship Issues
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Classroom Management – Love & Logic for Schools
Raising Responsible Children

Programs are frequently adapted to the unique needs of schools.

Services provided by the SPP are funded in several ways. These include:

  1. Private school funds
  2. Generous support of grantors like St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund, Community and Children’s Resource Board of St. Charles County, Franklin County Children and Families Community Resource Board, Lincoln County Resource Board, and Old Newsboys
  3. Parish Funds
  4. Donations

Referrals are made by:

  1. School Administrators/Principals
  2. Catholic Education Office
  3. Teachers
  4. Mental Health Professionals
  5. Parents

For more information about the School Partnership Program please contact:

School Partnership ProgramSaundra Barker, MSW, LCSW
Director, School Partnership Program
Catholic Family Services
314-544-3800 ext. 1306

Click here to download the School Partnership
Program Brochure


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