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Adobe After Effects has been a blessing in disguise for several video creators and editors. It has many motion graphics templates for use. The adobe effects have been a major source of video effects and film effects.

Services provided by Adobe After Effects Cinepunch

  • Convenient premiere pro presets: The site has a huge range of presets. This can be used to create several videos and motion pictures to generate mesmerizing content. The effects are easily accessible for every user. This is a feature that makes it more appealing to the users.
  • Customizable presets: Another major feature is the provision to customize the presets according to your requirements. The film look for After Effects is an amazing set of custom effects that can help create incredible motion graphics in your videos.
  • Cinema presets: This is a whole another set of presets provided by them that includes more than 50 presets that are perfect for a cinematic effect. The coloured effects can enhance the look of your video footage and give it a more intense and dramatic look. The colour presets can be adjusted to create any desired aesthetic for your videos.
  • Templates and stock assets: Another major collection is that of templates and stock assets. You can download any number of templates from the collection. The site also has 3D objects to add to your footage. Your access to the site can be expanded to so much more with an Envato membership. These Envato elements are extremely useful and unique. You can get access to the infinite collections on the site with this membership. The collections are not stagnant either. It is a growing one with frequent additions to the libraries of templates, 3D objects and video stock elements.
  • Animation presets: This is another set of presets for camera animation. It is an accessible package that comes with comprehensive instruction in a pdf for the users to read and understand. This will be the perfect way to create motion graphics for all your footage. You can create seamless transitions with ease.
  • Glitch effects: Glitch effects are a sought-after effect among video creators. There is an ultimate glitch package with all the required glitch effects. There are over 70 effects for text as well as pictures. The glitch effects can be in combination with transition effects also. Some available effects in the presets are RGB, signal distortion, jitters, and damages etc.
  • Correcting colours: It is highly unlikely that you can get all the right hues when shooting a video. There could be a lot wrong with the lights and positions of rays. This is where you use colour correction tools to make the visuals perfect.

Not every video you take is perfect. There would be a need to add different effects and transitions to make them more captivating. This is where adobe After Effects cine punch comes to your rescue. You can have all your video editing needs to be met here. It is best to use it for all your editing purposes. You are sure to find something that fits your particular aesthetic.

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