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The hotel industry flourishes on a human’s need for luxury. Hotels worldwide aim to provide a hint of luxury to the people who pay high prices to stay in them. Hotels are also an excellent way for people with disposable income who wish to use it towards utilities that allow them to relax and feel comfortable. Hotels were earlier developed as a means for people to take shelter in a foreign land. However, their purpose is no longer restricted to the same. Hotels today are a bonafide example of luxury, so it is obvious that they are accompanied by a price tag worth the same. However, what happens when travelers do not wish to experience luxury but are looking for affordability? This is the part where motels like triangle motel come in. Let us understand in a better manner how motels work? 

The fundamental difference between a motel and a hotel, and how do travelers choose between either? 

The hotel management industry has been around for quite some time now. It aimed to provide essential accommodation services to travelers from foreign lands. However, over time the purpose of hotels has shifted from being mere accommodation services to becoming an escape from reality for most people. People no longer visit hotels only when they fly out to different places. Instead, they are even visiting hotels in their cities. This concept is known as a staycation. A staycation means people visit a hotel only to rest, relax, and take a break from their daily duties. They expect all luxuries and services to be delivered at their beck and call and expensive hotels work to provide exactly that. Staycations are a primary reason why the average cost of a hotel has gone significantly high. While the luxuries and facilities have improved, it is also true that so have improved the costs. While most people don’t mind paying a high price because they know they will be getting their money’s worth, others do not care for utilities and luxuries offered and only wish to have affordability. 

Where can people find affordability over luxury? 

Not everyone wishes to pay a ridiculously high price for accommodations. More often than not, people are more eager to explore the place they are set to visit rather than stay shut in hotels. They treat hotels where they crash for the night and take off again in the morning. Burning a hole in their pocket to pay hotel charges seems impractical for someone like them. They would much instead devote their funds to other experiences. For people like these, motels are a great option. Motels are accommodation services that offer simple rooms filled with standard basic amenities such as a bed, a tv, a clean washroom, etc. The utilities are hygienic and clean but not the epitome of luxury. 

Why should you prefer a triangle motel?

Motels are a cheap and hygienic way for travelers to ensure that they can explore new cities in a way that doesn’t hurt their pockets and still have a place to come back to. Usually, one can find highly cheap motels that, unlike hotels, do not require prior bookings and accept walk-ins easily. Motels can also be found in between national highways. These motels are usually highly profitable since they act as stops for drivers to rest after long drives. Motels and hotels are both extremely comfortable, and in the end, it comes down to the purpose and budget of a person.

Hope you get enough information about the motel’s cleanliness and affordability, and one should go for it.

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