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Coffee is the elixir for the soul and, many people are devoted to this beverage. There are fans of every type of decoctions from cappuccino to mocha to filter coffee. However, only a robust and good-quality coffee machine is the only thing that will serve all these anytime and anywhere. However, when it comes to picking the perfect coffee machine, various factors like cost, the time consumed, the effort required, etc., have to be taken into account. With these, one can find an excellent place to find the perfect coffee machine in the UK. Here are some top names to ease out the process. 

  1. Manually-operated expresso machine 

Hands down, this one gives the best-tasting coffee with a strong decoction. The machine is versatile and, one can prepare almost every coffee-based beverage from expresso to ristretto to cappuccino. Many coffee houses use this machine to serve authentic coffee flavors to their customers. However, having it at home can be a bit messy and, the process is time-consuming. The coffee beans have to be ground by hand and, milk has to be steamed separately. The cleaning process is also elaborate. So, it perfect choice for coffee devotees who don’t mind the hassle. 

  1. Bean-to-cup machine 

The bean-to-cup coffee machine is easy to use and gives great coffee (unlike a manual alternative). However, it is the best choice for people who can’t invest the time in an elaborate manually-operated machine. Adding water and coffee beans to the machine and pressing the button gives a great coffee shot. Many of these machines have automatic milk frothers for people who prefer milk coffee. 

  1. Coffee pod/ capsule machine 

It is perhaps the most popular one on this list as it is hassle-free and gives a uniform taste every time. However, the taste is not as great as the manual machine. Each capsule has an appropriate amount of coffee to buy the capsules as per their preference of flavor and strength. It has an in-built frothing system for a latte, cappuccino, and other milk variants. These machines are found in many homes these days as people know it is like an excellent place to find the perfect coffee machine in the UK. One thing to note is that the coffee capsules or pods can be expensive at times. 

  1. Filter coffee machine 

A filter coffee machine is affordable and easy to use. It is quick as well. However, it makes black coffee only. So, the milk has to be steamed separately. It is the perfect purchase for people who want black coffee and nothing else. Most of these have impressive capacity allowing the users to make coffee for multiple people at once. Some of the machines have grinders installed in the structure but, many others need ground coffee beans. 

The perfect cup of coffee makes the day and, many people stick to this notion. Picking the best coffee machine is not an easy decision as many factors like budget and flavor preferences. So, one should take everything into account for their perfect cup every morning! 

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