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Tandem Kayaks are generally types of boats, which is 18 to 24 feet lengthened deck this boat can fit exclusively two people inside. The people sitting in the boat are supposed to paddle together all the time simultaneously. This activity is worth trying to experience the best tandem kayak adventure. 

Everything synchronised thing, the view around them looks pleasant and enchanting while moving once they get used to the paddling. It may be difficult or tricky at first, but you can travel quite far on this boat. People get a chance to travel with their friends or family, get to see the beauty of nature, and relish every moment they are having and living being on the boat.

Numerous people prefer tandem kayak compare to any other sort of tandem. Because of its appealing property, this boat entails having more than one individual, enabling them to have a companion to cherish each moment together and return with a memory worth remembering.

Let’s move on to explore the pros and cons of using a tandem kayak.

Here are some prominent reasons why people go for the best tandem kayak experience rather than single kayaks. People always have different, unique, and own reasons, and here you will see the conventional reason behind people’s craze for this boat.

Pros Of Tandem Kayak

  • Socialising – kayaking on a tandem kayak is like a developing bond exercise with lots of people riding and paddling around; you cannot help but quickly bond with them. In a way, you learn to work together even during hanging out, which is also a great bonding practice.
  • More Packing Space – if you plan any camping trip, you would be thrilled to know that a tandem kayak extends a great deal of carrying stuff space quite more than any single kayak. The boat allows you to store your primary belonging inside for your journey. This quality of tandem kayak makes your trip more convenient; moreover, you do not need to trouble to carry two storing kayaks. 
  • Great For Introducing Newcomers – If you are a newbie and have never on a tandem kayak, having another person with you will provide you confidence and a great start than doing it alone. This activity of a tandem kayak makes you introduced to the kayaking world in a more comfortable and much safer way. You get someone to teach you each step, like how to balance and paddle.

You must be knowing everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages. The same goes with a tandem kayak also. However, comparing these will only help you to choose the best for you!

Cons Of Tandem Kayak

  • Heavy – one tandem kayak is easy to store and lighter than two individual kayaks, yet it has the potency to beat one single kayak by its length and weight. Any top-quality double kayaks will be about 35 to 50 kg, and it will always require a hand while transporting it and lifting it, whereas a low-quality one will weigh less.
  • Quite Pricey – if you are buying considering the price, then you should rather go for two cheaper or low-quality kayaks instead of one decent tandem kayak. The matter is a top-grade tandem kayak that generally includes a rudder which tends to make them even more expensive eventually than buying two individual lower-quality kayaks. That’s why if you are looking for pricing purposes for two individual kayaks, it is better to go for a tandem kayak if buying for the experience.
  • Less Freedom – to some extent, tandem kayak confides in your movement as you can’t retain control or balance all by yourself in the water. At that moment, if you don’t get a kayaking partner, you will have to stop right there, and sometimes this may suck!
  • The Divorce Kayaks – Tandem kayaks are also known as the “divorce” kayaks in fun because they can cause two people to quarrel and fight over the maneuvering and paddling motion. You’ll require some good patience and practice when you and your paddling companion synchronized so that you both could balance the boat in the same manner.

Tandem Kayaks are the most fabulous activity which offers you the golden chance to make a bond with your kayaking companion and experience the magnificent scenery of nature together. You cherish and live each moment and create memories during your adventurous trip with tandem kayaks. 

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