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The leaky gut syndrome is a common problem that causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The intestinal walls are built from four permeable layers. When the permeability of these layers increases or the bowel loosens, harmful substances which would normally get excreted gets absorbed into the blood. These unwanted substances which leak into the blood are injurious to the body as they are toxic.

What causes leaky gut syndrome?

Epithelia are the adjacent junctions that build up together to form the lining of the walls of the intestine. The epithelia get loose and cause a tear in the intestine wall, thus causing a leaky gut. The tears in the intestinal lining result from several factors, some of which are dysbiosis, poor diet, unhealthy and stressful lifestyle, etc.

How to cure the leaky gut?

This condition is curable by including specific elements in your diet called leaky gut supplements. Prime ingredients of these supplements are Vitamin-D, probiotics, and L-glutamine. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers sell leaky gut supplements as over-the-counter tablets containing everyday supplements that do not have any harmful side effects. These supplements can be ingested without the prescription of a doctor. However, proper research should be done to buy and select the best product suited as per the needs and requirements of your body.

We have shortlisted for you some of the most beneficial leaky gut supplements-

  • Collagen- It is a type of protein that is found in large quantities in the human body. However, after the quarter-life period, its production declines. It contains L-glutamine, glycine, L-Arginine, and proline, which help with the leaky gut problem, improve skin texture, and elevate joint pain.
  • N-acetyl Glucosamine- It is one of the most beneficial supplements to include in your diet. It selectively eliminates the pathogenic bacteria present in the gut while also promoting good bacteria or probiotics inside the gut. It is known to strengthen the bones and immune system as well.
  • Prebiotics- Probiotics are a much more popular supplement for treating the gut. However, prebiotics is an equally effective and overlooked supplement. Probiotics are the good bacteria that you introduce to your gut. However, to benefit the most from them, you can create a hospitable environment and maximize their efficiency by using prebiotics.
  • Quercetin- It is a plant-based organic compound also called polyphenol. It reduces gut inflammation, increases immunity, repairs the loosened barriers of the gut. It has many other health benefits as well besides healing boosting the efficiency of the bowels.
  • Curcumin- It is the organic compound that is found in turmeric. It is responsible for its yellow color. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties that strengthen the intestine walls and improve its overall functioning.
  • Other natural supplements for gut health are licorice root, marshmallow root, caprylic acid, etc.

Leaky gut supplements are an effortless approach to helping a serious problem. The inclusion of the above supplements improves your gut health and enhances the overall general health of the body. Your skin texture improves, you appear radiant and glowing, a healthy diet reduces strength, and as the overall well-being improves, you become strong and active. Even if you are buying OTC tablets as a leaky gut supplement, you should consider the ones which include or are formulated using the above natural ingredients. A healthy gut is a central factor to an overall healthy body.

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