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Lidl is a popular German grocery store offering stiff competition to establish chains like Walmart and Trader Joe’s. It falls under budget supermarkets, where you can get a higher-end product for lower and bargainable prices. But Lidl has grown beyond and is soon set to become the fastest-growing grocery retailer in the UK. Lidl has fewer stores in the US, but it is still growing at an unprecedented pace.

Steep discounts, budgeted goods, and everything in one place- these are all hallmarks of Lidl’s stores. Thus, it is no wonder that Lidle has become the fastest-growing retailer chain. Headquartered in Germany, it has stores throughout the European Union, the UK, and the US. We have mentioned everything you need to know about Lidl, and how to find a Lidl near me.

History of Lidl 

Lidl is a German-origin grocery retail chain. What started as a humble store in 1973 has now grown into a retail chain with over 12,000 stores spread across the European Union and the United States. With a focus on wholesome products that are affordable, high-quality, and discounted, Lidl stores have continued to grow year after year. They are good and very affordable with very high quality.

It has emerged as a competitor to Aldi, a similar grocery retail chain. Both are stiff competitors in the market, and Lidl seems set to overtake it. It has lesser branded goods and focuses more on cutting down supply costs so that the consumer doesn’t have to pay a huge price. Whatever means they can use, they do so to make it more affordable for them. 

Features of Lidl 

Lidl is different from other budget stores, which is evident from their products to their stores. Below are some features of Lidl:

  • Smaller stores 

Lidl stores are comparatively smaller than conventional grocery stores. Most supermarket trips are expeditions in will force, as we are tempted to buy things that we don’t need while strolling down the aisles. Lidle stores ensure that you only spend as much time as you need and not too much.

  • No coins for a cart

This is a feature of all supermarkets. Need a shopping cart? Deposit a coin. But Lidl differs in this regard. It doesn’t require money from its shoppers to use the carts, which is a win, according to us.

  • Bakery in every store 

Lidl stores all contain a bakery from January 2021. As soon as you walk in, you can choose the bread of your choice. The baked goods are fresh ad wholesome. It serves as a reminder that not all grocery stores are out for your money and sell good bread too.

  • Cheap prices

A budget supermarket is a perfect location to buy your groceries without having to check each price to see if your over-spending. Around 90% of the products at Lidl stores are label brands that are specifically made for Lidl. This means that they can cut manufacturing costs and still get more profit than other grocery chains. This makes the products at Lidl stores much cheaper.

How to find Lidl near me?

Lidl stores are located in almost every member of the European Union, as well as several states in the US. Using a grocery locator, you can find Lidl near me.

Lidl stores have become popular, and the popularity wave does not seem to be subsiding any time soon. Shoppers are looking for cheap products of good quality, and Lidl is willing to deliver this. It is a great budget store and comes highly recommended by both new and old shoppers.

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