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Skin is the first organ that shows aging signs. Fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and loose skin are signs of aging and may sometimes appear as pre-aging symptoms. Do you know that the tightness in the skin is maintained by a particular protein known as collagen and elastin? Collagen is a protein produced in the body that keeps your skin in position, firm, and shiny, whereas elastin maintains the skin’s elasticity. It is this protein that your skin starts giving a saggy and dull appearance over time.

Opt for a non-surgical treatment for ageless skin

Skin tightening is significant in reducing aging signs. The face reveals everything; it mirrors your inner self, health, and aging conditions. With maturation, skin loses its collagen and elastin, which is when you start looking aged and dull. Thermage for face in Dubai provides skin treatments to rejuvenate and invigorate your old, dull skin to give it new life. Thermage is a non-surgical skin treatment that firms and tightens the existing collagen to plump and lift your face.

What do we do during the treatment?

Thermage improves skin complexion due to skin tightening, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, reduces large pores, and lifts your face. The existing rejuvenated collagen during the treatment shows instant results; in a few people, it may take some time, but assured results are promising—thermage proceeds by heating the deep layers of skin. The energy released from heating causes the development of new collagen fibers and energizes the old ones. Heating triggers remolding of the face and contouring of collagen fibers. Over a few days upon treatment, fine lines and wrinkles began reducing, and the skin became energetic and lifted.

Know why your skin becomes saggy even before the age

Normal skin aging is a natural process that cannot be reverted, but young skin often starts looking aged due to wrinkles. Aging effects also occur on young faces; dry skin favors the development of lines and wrinkles. The inner layer of skin known as the dermis has the adipose tissue, the fat layer responsible for oil secretion. It is in this layer where collagen is stored. When the oil of the skin begins to dry out, it is when pre-aging symptoms appear at an early age. It may also be due to genetic makeup, environment, pollution, stress, use of excess and cheap cosmetics, or sun exposure. This is why skin becomes saggy and losses its sheen.

How do we prepare you for the treatment?

Our doctors have years of experience in dermatology and take care of your comforts during and after the treatment.

  • A grounding pad is placed before the patient’s legs and back. This pad prevents the backflow of energy released from the heating process, which is done by a grounding or returning pad.
  • The therapist cleans the face to remove dirt, makeup, and other facial wear.
  • A grid is faced on the patient’s face that helps in keeping the pulse under control.
  • In treatment, the Thermage applicator is placed on the facial grid and heats the inner layers while simultaneous vibrations keep the outer skin relaxed and calm.
  • The patient is constantly asked for feedback to keep the pulse according to his comfort.

The duration and essential things to know

It takes about 60-120 minutes to complete the entire process. Generally, two sessions are required to complete the process. Some patients might experience redness on the face due to heating of under layers, but this resolves quickly. Thermage treatment is non-ablative and works on the underlying layers of skin. Thus it does not harm your face in any case. It is a fast, easy, non-surgical, and chemical-free treatment to give yourself a younger look. Defy age with our treatments. Try today.

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