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Weight loss is an issue most of us have struggled with. And our lifestyle certainly doesn’t make it any easier. While it is tempting to stuff ourselves with food, especially since we are stuck at home during the pandemic, this has also led to a pandemic of weight gain among the general population. 

We are all searching for ways to get out of it. Thus, fat burners and weight loss pills to the rescue!

Although there are plenty of panaceas available in the market, it takes an intelligent eye and good knowledge to know the phoney ones from the real deal. But it isn’t always easy to understand, hence why this article exists.

We have compiled a list of the best fat burners for weight loss available in the market, with proof to back up its claim. Also detailed is the mechanism that is behind these weight loss helpers, so you are not uninformed about them. Keep reading!

How do fat burners work?

Most weight loss pills follow either of the three following principles. These include:

  • Reduction of appetite: By inducing your body to feel full fast, you will consume fewer calories.
  • Reducing absorption: These pills work to reduce your body absorption of fat, so again you take in lesser calories.
  • Increased fat burning: By making you burn fat faster. 

Now that we know how they work let’s look at the popular options for the best fat burners for weight loss. 

  • Garcinia cambogia 

The extract of the Garcinia fruit gained widespread popularity in 2012 after it was featured in the Dr. Oz show. Studies have shown that the skin of the fruit contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA). It works primarily by inhibiting the production of the enzyme that converts calories to fat in the body. It is suitable for those who want to lose weight organically over a longer time frame. 

  • Hydroxycut 

This supplement has been around for decades and is popular worldwide as a weight loss supplement. It has several ingredients, including caffeine, and has shown plenty of promise in weight reduction in the body. There are several variations, but Hydroxycut is the most popular option as of now.

  • Orlistat 

Also known colloquially as Alli, this is a pharmaceutical drug. It is prescribed as Xenical and over-the-top as Alli. Studies have proven that Orlistat plays a significant role in weight loss programs by inhibiting the breakdown of fat from food in the gut. In doing so, it reduces the amount of fat that is absorbed by the body. It does have some side effects, so users should take precautions while using Orlistat. Read more information about Orlistat at US Magazine.

How to choose the best fat burners for weight loss for me?

There is no shortage when it comes to options for choosing weight loss pills. You will find so many options in the market that it is mind-boggling to sit down and research every one of them. The best way to get a weight loss pill or fat burner is to go to your GP. As they know your medical history better, they will be able to prescribe the right one for you. If not, consult a weight loss specialist to get it right.

Weight loss has been an arduous journey for most who have undertaken it. It is so easy to gain weight and so much more difficult to lose it. This is why weight loss pills are a good option. Although one mustn’t consume these for a long time, they can aid in the short term and are a great impetus for your weight loss journey.

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