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The US figures more than 45 million cigarette smokers, which is also the primary preventable cause of death in the country. Several alternatives have been introduced to curtail smoking, and most of them were found to be ineffective. But with the introduction of e-cigarettes, the issue seems to have been given a considered effective solution. These cigarettes are electrically powered with e-cigarette batteries and come with a container or tank to store the cigarette liquid and a vaporizer to convert the liquid into smoke fumes.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are sold in many shapes and forms that make it even more difficult for a newbie to fully understand how they work, especially when making their first purchase of an electronic cigarette. Using this guide, you will be able to fully understand the various types of eCigs or electronic cigarettes on the market.

Battery-powered e-cigarettes effectively deliver atomized nicotine without tar, tobacco, or harmful chemicals found in conventional cigarettes, though nicotine itself is found to be responsible for several health risks. E-cigarettes do not produce smoke but simulate an experience of smoking to the user, and the LED tip accentuates the appearance matching the glow of a conventional cigarette tip. The cost of an e-cigarette may cost anywhere near 100 dollars for a starter, including the e-cigarette unit, a pair of rechargeable lithium batteries, and cartridges in 5 flavors.

Latest Models of Vaporizers

The latest models in vaporizer technology may look something like a miniature espresso machine. These elegant and efficient designs are nothing like your mother’s humidifier, which you may remember. The technological innovations provided by revolutionary computer design and computer modeling techniques have led to a very sleek, sophisticated line of elegant-looking models of vaporizers that are sure to make you the envy of your neighbors.

Another major pro of an E-cigarette is that it does not have the lingering smell from a tobacco cigarette. For smokers who might be living with asthma or allergies to smoke, this will come as a relief and help clear up some tension in the house. As well as being healthier for you, there are also fewer disadvantages to using an E-cigarette than a tobacco cigarette, so it is an easy decision.

Millions of Americans tried them, and most found them to be effective in quitting conventional cigarette smoking. People voicing in favor of e-cigarette advocated that they were found to be are more healthful the conventional cigarettes. Most of the people who tried the e-cigarettes were people who had attempted to quit the habit and failed to obtain any results. But with the help of e-cigarettes, 9 out of 10 have kicked the habit altogether. 

E-cigarettes are backed by flavored refills such as vanilla and pina colada, making them more enjoyable for the younger generation. Ecigarette 18650 battery plays the biggest role in energizing electronic cigarettes. Their tiny sizes make them easy to accommodate in the confined space of e-cigarettes.

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