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A modern call center is an organization with a complex structure in which various solutions are implemented and applied to achieve maximum efficiency in work. If the company stops there, satisfying the simple needs of customers for calling or processing incoming calls. Then, you cannot even talk about success, growth, and competitiveness. Only a constant desire for improvement will always bring the call center forward.


The main driving force of the call center is its operators, they are also the first link in the interaction of the customer and his customers. However, it is not necessary to shift to the data of employees absolutely all the responsibilities associated with communication, and processing requests. Often, subscribers when contacting the customer’s company through the call center may well solve their problems on their own and without communicating with the operator – just not all managers understand this. Learn about the connected services or current promotions, leave a request to call the wizard and many other tasks are quite capable of solving the voice interactive menu (IVR-menu).

KPI and payroll procedure

When everyone is equal in the organization, then there is no desire, enthusiasm, or desire to “exceed the plan” among the call center employees. If the company introduces criteria by which not only the quality of the work of the project team is evaluated, but also the activities of each employee, his contribution to achieving the goal of telephone sales, calling, consulting clients, and based on assessments, salaries and bonuses are calculated accordingly, then operators, managers, and other specialists have an incentive for self-improvement.


In the call center, CRM systems solve two main tasks at once:

  • Automation of the process of data transfer from the customer to the customer.
  • The ability to work with each contact from the database more simply and conveniently.

Call centers can use ready-made CRM systems or implement software of any own design to help them with reporting absences.

Staff turnover

It’s no secret that not all employees of the call center have a 100% return. Someone comes to work only temporarily (students, young people without work experience), and someone in principle is not interested in a certain activity. Fluidity refers to:

  • The general turnover of personnel is the dismissal of temporary or disinterested employees and the hiring of new ones.
  • Internal staff turnover is the transition of employees from one department to another with a change of activities both with and without career growth.

Operator training

Knowledge and skills come with experience, but the experience itself may be useless if a person cannot improve his activities. Help in identifying errors, solving difficulties, and teaching effective methods and techniques – are some of the tasks of the training. In the call center, training can be conducted by both full-time specialists with extensive experience (senior operators, managers, project managers) and invited coaches.

Flexible schedule

The call center works itself can sometimes be tedious due to monotony – especially in large projects with the same type of activity. Therefore, it is better to make the schedule of employees flexible, and as convenient as possible to avoid “professional burnout”.

Motivation of employees

Motivating employees, of course, is best with a “coin”. That is, to identify the most successful employees who have achieved the best results on the project, and assign them bonuses. This is the best, but not the only way. Various privileges, the opportunity to grow up the career ladder, additional bonuses – all of this helps to increase motivation.

Evaluation of customer satisfaction

Of course, all the improvements of the call center are aimed at more efficient activities, and this, in turn, is required to ensure that as many customers as possible remain satisfied. And this should not be forgotten when introducing certain solutions into the call center.

Find out more about what improvements we implement to maximize project results directly on the Digital Technologies website or from managers by phone.

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